Dennis Price: Speaker – Coach – Teacher


You want it all! You set goals and work hard to create success.

Sometimes that becomes all consuming and the success that is supposed to bring fulfillment may not seem worth the stress it creates in the rest of your life.

That’s where I can help!
Often I find the executive or entrepreneur’s health and energy, relationships, & spiritual life are secondary to the career or business.
This may be acceptable if it is a) by choice, and b) for a specified time, but when it becomes perpetual and effects the overall level of fulfillment in life, the person becomes less effective in business tasks as well.

As an executive coach/consultant I offer an outside, objective view of your life and your business. This perspective allows you to see the areas where you want to shift priorities as the conditions of life and business constantly change. I will then work with you to create new techniques and strategies to efficiently maintain what else is important to you for 2 outcomes:

1. You feel more fulfilled in all areas of life that are important to you

2. This ‘more fulfilled you’ becomes Even More Productive in business.

What if you can have it all…career success AND fulfillment in your personal life???

Dennis’ experience as an educator, personal coach and corporate leadership trainer allows him to custom tailor his services to your specific needs based on an evaluation designed to target the key areas of your life or business that need to move in another direction.

Only a certain type of person gets these results. Those you can commit and take action. Contact me today to see if you qualify for this type of assistance in creating the life you dream of through the business you have chosen.