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Optimum Human Performance – July 2011

Feeling Pressure in These Times of Uncertainty?

Confused, worried or anxious about the circumstances and choices in your daily life?

Are you effectively designing the key areas of importance that matter most?

Overwhelmed by the influx of offers claiming to have the secret answer to your plight?

Tired of not knowing the strategies for achieving balance in all key areas?

Interested in a offer you will not want to refuse?

What you do now, in the next few months, will most likely set you up for success or align you with massive stress.  Dennis Price is The Optimum Human Performance Coach to assist you through this critical time!

You see, over the past 30 plus years, he has studied key materials, trained with masters in their respective fields, immersed himself in the practice of specialized skills, investing thousands of dollars and countless hours, all to prepare himself for this time and place.

What is important now is YOU!

  • You know you deserve more.
  • You keep seeking for the answer, the key, that one thing that will break you through to the other side.
  • You read your mail, email, and Facebook postings, with all their offers for you to access the secret.
  • Each claiming to have the key to make you wealthy, thin, successful, sexy, secure, attractive, and more!
  • You want to believe there is a way out there. You maintain your hope despite spending huge amounts of time and money on these offers, yet you find that those you invested your hard earned money with, are the ones who prosper while you continue your search…

Here’s THE GREAT SECRET…there is no magic secret!
“What each person really needs is the ability to make optimal decisions for their individual lives, under any given set of circumstances. This requires a systematic approach to evaluating the situation that takes the randomness out of decisions. It is like having a sound basis for those decisions; a template to measure by.” Dennis Price aka Optimum Human Performance Coach Extraordinaire

Don’t get us wrong. Any of these ‘amazing breakthrough’ offers that might interest you, potentially have value. However, on its own, the offer of a “breakthrough” is likely not the magic bullet the sales pitch claims.

You see, each offer by itself, is incomplete…it is a piece of a bigger puzzle, and as such, should be included as part of a complete program.

“Your life is so much more than just a puzzle. It is more like a masterpiece painting. It is like a beautiful tapestry being woven with each decision.”

This is why we are introducing DENNIS PRICES’ OPTIMUM HUMAN PERFORMANCE Program

Dennis Price brings you a program that is wholistic in that it addresses your whole life, including all six primary areas you need to focus on.

Each area of life is interconnected with the others, and ideally, they all integrate smoothly with your identity (who you are) and your philosophy (what you believe).

The benefits of this program are deep:

  • Owning your identity as never before
  • Clarifying your philosophy – your values, beliefs, purpose, and mission in a whole new light
  • Knowing with confidence how to use these as the basis for directing your life.

The program is as though you get to consciously write the next scenes in the play that is your life.

In a wholistic approach to this New Life Design, you set goals incorporating all 6 primary areas of life and seamlessly integrate your whole life in a new way that creates a synergistic effect moving you towards your true desires.

Dennis’ level of confidence in offering this is not based on thinking highly of himself. The truth is he has been blessed with many amazing experiences, from studies in theology and meditation to a 7 year apprenticeship with a Native American elder named Sun Bear. Vision Quest has been one of the most transformative ceremonies he has ever experienced personally and has facilitated for others.

Dennis has led people on fire walks and board breaking.  He has taken groups on four-week wilderness expeditions, worked as a firefighter-paramedic, and used his degree in emergency medicine to train paramedic students.

Dennis has had the opportunity to study with top neuromuscular massage therapy instructors and taught over 200 training NMT seminars including dentists and doctors in Germany, presenting at the World Congress on Alternative Medicine in Guatemala, and other international locations.

He has also trained under and worked with personal trainer and corrective exercise authorities, and nutrition experts (not those famous due to highly promoted books, but those who truly created health in ill bodies).

Having trained in NLP in 1989, Dennis honed his skills in that arena coaching hundreds of people as a trainer with Anthony Robbins’ programs from Europe to Australia, Singapore, Fiji, and across the USA.

Assisting other NLP instructors further sharpened his skills, along with multiple trainings in hypnosis, grief coaching, time line therapy, and many additional tools allowing him to create a full spectrum plan to assist people in their progress in life.

Dennis shares this notable and illustrious background not to talk about himself, but to let you know that he did not just attend a weekend seminar and then decided to share it with others.

Dennis has developed a program based on a wealth of experience and diligently applying what he has learned.  His mission is to offer not just a great tool, but a complete system of life management that he is certain will empower you (if you apply it) and will allow you to create the life you desire and deserve.

While some individuals may know Dennis from treating their back pain or TMJ, others may have been clients he helped eliminate their multiple phobias in just one day for only a couple thousand dollars.

You may know him as an on stage presenter at the Wealth Summit Live in Las Vegas. Each of you may have an impression based on the part of his training that you have experienced.

All of you get to now experience his completed integrated system in this two day training:

Optimum Human Performance - Know your identity and philosophy, and use that as the basis for setting goals in the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, and Financial areas of life.  Following this 2-day program will be six specialized two-day trainings-one for each area of life.

  • From the mouth of Dennis’ Personal Coach, his highly-specialized integrated system is a $25,000 system since others out there do not compare.
  • Other professional coaches state that each, two-day training in his system is worth several thousand dollars.

Dennis’ confidence for delivery and value ascertain these claims.  Starting in January and throughout 2012, Dennis will be offering his full series of trainings at full price.  This is now an offer you can participate in and greatly derive value from at a steeply discounted price.

On July 30th and 31st, Dennis will be presenting the content in front of a specially selected group of individuals.  The program will be recorded for what will be the product-line of Dennis Price Optimum Human Performance Program.

Instead of $1000 for the two days, Dennis is offering you the bottom-line option of attending the two-day, New Life Design Program for only $397.   If you pre-register, he will allow $100 off that price!
Dennis’ New Life Design Optimum Human Performance Two-Day Training for only $297!

This great rate is based on the premise that he wants to give a few people a sneak preview of the full training, get their feedback and questions, and record specific segments of this program.

What Dennis is looking for is a mix of people who are serious about taking charge of their own lives regardless of the economic, social, political conditions happening around them. He may also be selecting people from this initial group (by application only- based on how you show up) to be part of his core-team starting January 2012.

If you have aspirations of being a coach, and have attended various trainings, but are not making a living as a coach because you are uncertain how to start, this program will give you a fully systematic approach to evaluate and coach people easily and naturally. Those who train with Dennis during the 2012 series will have the possibility of becoming certified in using this system and have first choice at creating their own copy of the coaching membership site he is currently building.

Take advantage of the best value ever for this event. This is a ‘one time only’ price for the preview and the next time this is presented in January 2012, it will be the full price of $997.

Contact Dennis now to reserve your space!
Register at the Contact page, or call 954 463 5250.

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