Dennis Price: Speaker – Coach – Teacher


The primary categories companies request are:

  • 1. Leadership 2. Motivation 3. Strategies for Greater Success

*Most Classes below are available in a ½ day (4 hours); full day (8 hours); or 2 day training.

1. Leadership
Corporate Leadership- 4 hr. 1 day, 2 day Training for your executive team, managers, and foremen

• People First – 12 week Corporate Leadership Training
Trained by Jack Lannom himself, Dennis is a Master Coach for this organization with International ties and an impressive training roster with companies such as ATT, Disney, Waste Management, C, and Iron Mountain.

Even more impressive is the complete system of leadership principles, logically organized with the intent to draw the very best out of each employee by creating a culture of respect, honoring the human spirit, and building up the individuals to make the company measurably more successful.

2. Motivation- ½ day, 1 day, 2 day
This training addresses many factors that produce or inhibit a motivated “state of being” in the individual and a motivating environment in an organization. A sampling of the factors considered are values, belief systems, needs and desires, attitudes, unconscious programming, internal and external drivers, and more.
Increases productivity while enjoying the process is the outcome of this training.

3. Success Strategies – ½ day, 1 day, 2 day * retainer available for ongoing assistance It is common in the corporate world to find people who are motivated and busy with activity, but the actions they are performing are not producing the optimal desired result.
The Success Strategy training/consulting involves evaluation of current strategies for dealing with both the systems and the people in a company or organization. Brainstorming together we discover creative new ways to meet current challenges and perceived future conditions.

We typically evaluation reveals 3 categories to be addressed:

  1. Strategies that are highly effective and need to be maintained
  2. Strategies that are less effective and need to be enhanced
  3. Strategies that are not effective and need to be replaced.

    4. Body Language and Interviewing for Detecting Deception

    This training is available for those involved with enhanced negotiations, HR selectivity, fraud prevention, criminal investigations, and court appearances.
    This training offers tools from law enforcement and military with applications adapted for the corporate sector.
    Companies and organizations Dennis has had the privilege of speaking, training, or consulting for include: